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We are delighted to advise you that in 2022 we are being flexible. If you have contracts of specific dates of arrival in NZ let us know and we can arrange a course to suit your timeframes within a 12 month period. We run an online learning programme. This allows applicants to complete their course anywhere in the world and attend their in person testing and clinical placement when they arrive in New Zealand. We have been trialing this course format since May 2020 and it has been consistently successful. 

Apply through this website and if you meet our entry criteria you will be offered a place on our course. You will have 12 months to arrive and complete your full CAP in New Zealand. We hope this will help people feel less stressed about meeting date targets around travel, MIQ and other COVID-19 issues that they cannot control. We look forward to receiving your application.

If you live in New Zealand and are working in the health care industry we are able to offer dates that take into account your work and family commitments, and hope the 12 month plan also works for you. You may want to discuss with your employer options around support for your CAP as many are open to helping you financially or in other ways. Our business is also open to specialized agreements with your employer and have successfully navigated this several times this year already.