Lonsdale Education Centre provides reputable, quality driven and best practice training and assessment of both academic and clinical nursing competence in order that those with international registration may enter the New Zealand register and thereby work in New Zealand.


Candidates are provided with access to top quality resources, via virtual adult learning and on-site testing in New Zealand, a comprehensive revision of their current practice and a thorough assessment of their competence to practice safely within the expectations of New Zealand nursing culture, at competent level.


Together, we all work towards ensuring the safety of patients in New Zealand is promoted and protected.


It is important that candidates recognise we shall do everything we can to support them while they are on their CAP but they remain in charge of their success.


How the course works

Our business has assessed nurse competence for the last nine years and has found over 800 nurses competent to practice. We run a simple but thorough assessment of practice in the following way:

  • We complete a virtual assessment of your English and conversational comprehension. From this we identify any learning needs you may have and attempt to direct your pre-course learning to fill these gaps.

  • Candidates then complete the two-week virtual foundation which introduces nursing in New Zealand, local nursing best practice. They also develop an understanding of our founding document, the Treaty of Waitangi, and cultural safety as understood within the New Zealand context. Theoretical competence is tested by the completion of several assessments and a MCQ examination. Timeliness and attention to detailed instructions is tested by opening and closing access to each assessment.

  • After completion of the 2-week virtual foundation candidates book their clinical assessment and practice testing, otherwise called objective structured clinical examination (OSCE), at our testing centre in Foxton. If they successfully pass all of the assessments in the foundation and the OSCEs they will proceed into preceptored clinical placement. If they demonstrate safe, competent practice they will be referred for entry onto the register administered by the Nursing Council of New Zealand.

  • We are testing competence to nurse New Zealand patients at a safe and competent level. We are not testing personality, ability to be good a employee or providing life skills training.

If you are an IQN and you hold a current NCNZ letter advising you to complete a Competence Assessment Programme, enroll today.