Am I eligible for acceptance into Lonsdale Education Center's CAP course?

Our entry criteria is that of the Nursing Council. We are a premium CAP course in New Zealand and pride ourselves on our high caliber of graduates. 


Our entry criteria is as follows:

  • Hold a current letter from the Nursing Council of NZ advising you to apply for a CAP 

  • Have worked for two+ years as an RN

  • Meet the NCNZ language criteria

  • Can provide a complete CV with any gaps in your history readily explained

How do I apply?

You must apply directly through our website by completing the online enrolment form and provide all the requested documents.


What do I do if my NCNZ letter is due to expire?

You need to contact the NCNZ directly and discuss/ask for an extension on your letter this is normally a smooth process and one you need to discuss with them not us. 

Do I need an agent to apply?

NO! You are able to apply on your own to our Education Centre. It is a straight forward process requiring you to complete our online enrolment form as long as you meet our entry criteria as mentioned above.

When do I apply for an International Criminal History Check (ICHC)? 

You apply for this through the Nursing Council of New Zealand website. please read their letter to you for further details. Don't wait until you finish your CAP course as this will hold up the release of your practicing certificate which can affect job applications. You can click on the button below to take you directly to the online form.

If you are still unsure of the process click on the below button which will take you to the Nursing Council of New Zealand's registration process algorithm. It also includes information regarding the ICHC check and when to apply.


Do I need to complete a NZ police vetting check? 

Please see the Nursing Council website for further details as this is their process.

Do I need to have medical and travel insurance?

Yes, it is important that you come prepared with both medical and travel insurance. We do not provide you with these.  

Do I have access to medical help/prescriptions if I become unwell?

Yes, please contact your insurer for advice initially. You may be able to make an non-urgent appointment with the out of hours GP services in our region. It is unlikely it will be on the same day and you will need to transport yourself there and back and pay for any prescriptions and medical treatment in full before you leave the practice. This service will be available during working hours. If you need emergency services you can attend The Palms Medical Centre in Palmerston North or the emergency department at Palmerston North DHB. All of these services will have substantial fees. If you have a medical emergency you can call an ambulance, on 111.

We suggest you bring a large supply of any routine or PRN medications you use seeing a doctor obtaining your medications you customary take, may be more complicated than you may anticipate and will attract fees.



How do I arrange a bank account?

This is your responsibility entirely! We recommend you seek advice from the bank you choose before applying, and you must apply before you arrive in New Zealand in order to meet bank and visa requirements. We suggest that you bring enough cash to survive on until you gain employment.

How do I navigate Immigration so my visa is not delayed and if it is what do I do?

It is important that you apply for your visa with plenty of time. Click the link below to see the expected NZ visa processing times. It would pay to allow for the maximum processing time so that you are not stressed about arriving in time to start the course with everyone else.

However, there are times where your visa might be held up due to matters beyond your control. We can, in these circumstances, contact Immigration NZ on your behalf to discuss the issue. In order for us to discuss your case with your immigration officer you must complete an INZ 1224 form see link below. No discussion will be allowed until this form has been uploaded.

How do I get to Foxton for my OSCE assessment?

Your OSCE assessment will run for approx. 2 hours, this is booked through our administrator. You are not required to stay in Foxton for this but will need to turn up at the booked time at least 10 minutes prior. We can offer a taxi service to pick you up from the Palmerston North airport or Palmerston North bus stop only. If you require a taxi this needs to be booked and paid for a few days prior to attending your OSCE assessment. Cost of the taxi will be $86.25 gst inc one way or return.


If you would like to stay in Foxton the night before there are a couple of accommodation options below.  

Do I need to wear a nurse uniform for my OSCE assessment?

This is not required, however you will be expected to wear something professional.  You will need to purchase a uniform tunic in order to complete your placement on the below link.   


You might also like to wear your nurses fob watch to the OSCE assessment for taking vital signs.




Will I need to complete a 14-day Isolation prior to my OSCE assessment?

You will need to follow the regulations set by the NZ government at time of your arrival. This will be at your cost and arrangement.

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